The U.S. Dream Academy is a mentoring program for kids who are at risk for incarceration based on their parents’ history, failing school system, or daily environment. In addition to our effrots during VOODOO Week, many brothers donate their

time to the U.S. Dream Academy on a weekly basis as

mentors. Mentors complement afterschool activities

that combine academic fundamentals. The focus

builds on three pillars: skill-building, character-

building, and dream-building. The overall goal is

to nurture the mentee while altering attitudes,

enhancing self-esteem, supporting emotional and

intellectual growth, and sparking dreams. This is a 

philanthopic partnership that is mutually beneficial that 

allows brothers to feel like they are truly making an impact on the lives of children and on the Indianapolis Community.

Each spring, Sigma Nu hosts a powderpuff football tournament between all of the sororities on campus known

as “SNUPERBOWL.” This event raises

funds and awareness for Habitat for

Humanity, an organization Sigma

Nu is very involved with on the

national level. Each year, the

support of the Indianapolis

Community is highlighted by

extremely generous sponsorships

and donations, for which we are always

grateful. The fun, competitive nature of the

tournament, built on a philanthropic foundation

helps createone of the best events on campus. This spring, we added several new events and activities to SNUPERBOWL and made it a week-long philanthropy event. At the end of the week,

we were able to donate over $800 to Habitat for Humanity and

spread the word about this incredible and deserving organization.






















Voodoo, Sigma Nu's largest annual philanthropy event, is a week-long endeavor benefitting the local at-risk youth of the U.S. Dream Academy. This past fall, our week of service and philanthropy sent members of the Butler Community 

into the lost city, as we celebrated

Voodoo in Atlantis! We kicked

off the week with our first

annual VOODOO Gala,

where we raised

$2,825 in just two

hours for the U.S.

Dream Academy.

Other events

throughout the 

week included

painting pumpkins

and trick-or-treating

with the mentees from

the Dream Academy, hosting

a lip sync competition between

the sororities, and of course, Marcus Brownies. 

We hope to continue to highlight the importance of philanthropy by raising awareness about the U.S. Dream Academy outside of VOODOO Week.





As part of Sigma Nu’s National Helping Hand Initiative, we work in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity,

an organization dedicatedto providing shelter for those in need andadvocating for affordable

housing. They depend heavily on volunteer

laborers to help build their shelters, which

is why our service is so important.





For more information on our philanthopy

   events or to find out how you get get

      involved with The U.S. Dream Academy

        or Habitat for Humanity, please

          contact Tyler Kennedy, our

           current Philanthropy Chairman at


Tyler Kennedy

Philanthropy Chairman