The first step is to apply for Men's Formal Recruitment. The University's requirements to register include 12 credit hours completed in the Fall semester, a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a completed registration form by the deadline date in the first week of December.




Recruitment, or "Rush", takes place the week prior to classes starting in the Spring. On the first night of recruitment, all recruits are required to tour every fraternity's open house. Every day after that, there are two separate 2-hour recruitment sessions - one lunch session and one dinner session. During these  sessions, recruits will eat food, get to know brothers, and learn more about the houses. Recruits are able to travel freely from fraternity to fraternity during these sessions. On Saturday evening, fraternities will submit a list of names of men they wish to invite to the fraternity. These inviations are called "bids". Later that night, recruits will be notified whether or not they received a bid from any fraternity. If they have, they are invited to open their "Bid Card" on Bid Day, which is early Sunday morning. This bid card lists the fraternties that have extended him a bid and the recruit must then accept, decline, or defer their bid.


a letter from WILL

2014 Recruitment Chairman


My name is Will Kinder, and I serve as the Recruitment Chair for the Epsilon Mu chapter of Sigma Nu. My fellow brothers have put their faith and trust in my committee and me to recruit some of the finest men Butler University’s campus has to offer. By showing how the Epsilon Mu chapter can impact their lives through engaging and entertaining recruitment events, we plan on continuing our pattern of excellence we’ve seen in years past. With the help of outstanding young leaders and generous alumni, our chapter recruited a group of 38 diverse, outstanding young men this past winter. These new members were involved in groups ranging from the Men’s Tennis Team and ROTC to YoungLife and College Mentors for Kids, just to name a few. 


Recruiting aspiring gentlemen who embody Love, Truth and Honor have allowed Epsilon Mu to excel with honor in a multitude of ways. Our chapter has been fortunate enough to win awards such as Butler University’s only Five Star Chapter, three consecutive Rock Chapters (Sigma Nu’s highest award of distinction for a college chapter) and the North-American Interfraternity Conference 2014 Award of Distinction, an award presented to only five fraternity chapters in the nation.

We Brothers of Sigma Nu Epsilon Mu take pride in our diversity, top-notch academic performance and strong involvement on campus. 100% of brothers are involved in an organization on campus outside of the fraternity and over 40% hold leadership positions in them. You might see us giving tours, tutoring our peers in the physics lab, working at the Health and Recreation Complex, or singing in Out of the Dawg House, Butler’s Men’s A Cappella group. Statistically, we have earned the top fraternity GPA seven of the past eight semesters, including the entire duration of the 2013-2014 school year.

Whether you know you want to rush or are unsure about Greek Life as a whole, I implore you to come check us out and feel free to get in touch with me. Joining this fraternity was one of the best decisions I have made not only at Butler but also in my life, and I am confident I am not the only guy who believes that. If you decide to come check us out, you will open yourself up to the opportunity of meeting some of the best guys Butler’s campus has to offer. 


At Sigma Nu Epsilon Mu we believe in challenging ourselves, helping each other grow into chivalrous gentlemen prepared for the world ahead and forming brotherly bonds, all the while creating the best college experience possible. If you have any questions about Sigma Nu, Butler Greek life in general, how rush week works, or anything at all, please contact me at wkinder@butler.edu.


Yours truly,


Will Kinder

EM 1445





In so many inexplicable and unexpected ways I would consistently bump into Sigma Nu brothers on campus in positions of mentorship. I started to excel with my personal academic goals.  Staying in the library late and going into office hours with professors would always result in seeing a Sigma Nu doing the same.  I found myself climbing to leadership positions around campus.  There were Sigma Nu members already there.  As I found myself finding the balance of my collegiate autonomy, there were always men of Sigma Nu that were beside me.  They had the same, bleeding compassion to keep accountable for achieving their personal, diverse goals.  The decision to pledge to Sigma Nu has contributed to my initial hopes of making my college experience, academically and socially, an adventure.

Dylan Menefee